成語故事《A Nervous Leader》

成語故事《A Nervous Leader》

During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Fu Jian, king of the State of Qin, ruled northern China. In the year 383, Fu Jian led a huge army to attack the State of Jin. Xie Shi and Xie Xuan, senior generals of the Jin army, led a smaller army to resist.    

Unexpectedly, Fu Jian's army was beaten and got heavy losses in the first round of fighting. After that, Fu Jian looked down from the city wall and was terrified when he saw the well-trained army of Jin. It was cloudy and windy. So it was hard for him to see clearly. 

When he looked around, he mistook the grass and trees for enemy soldiers. As a result, when the nervous Fu Jian led his army into battle, it was defeated again. The Jin army won a great victory with its smaller army.     


1. attack: 襲擊

2. resist: 對抗,應戰

3. unexpectedly: 出乎意料地,意外地

4. loss: 損失

5. terrified: 害怕,恐懼

6. well-trained: 訓練有素的

7. mistake sth. for sth.:錯把……當作……

8. as a result:結果千赢登录网址千赢登录网址,因此

9. battle:戰斗

10. victory: 勝利




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